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Thursday, 11 November 2021



We bought this gel padded seat cover for our outrageously uncomfortable spin bike - it's been an excellent investment and has lasted for years: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/diamondback-deluxe-gel-saddle-cover/p/964462

$20 well spent!

Also highly recommend wiggle.com.au for all your padded pants needs. You probably don't want too cheap shorts! I say that from experience.


I just got the bike-adjacent/no-bike-needed Peloton service. I have Fille's same old omafiets on the trainer & I use the Bike Bunnies low-impact rides for company & the timer + accounting calendar because for now it is a long free trial for two months. But I don't have a resistance knob & I like to watch Six Million Dollar Man in the mornings so, I am not paying a lot of attention ... lol

Fifille & I were rudely shocked by the effort locomotion required this summer. Chloe Ting? Joe Pilates? Riding along with Tour de France? Yes! Walking from a to b on our feet, against gravity, on hard sidewalks? In the sun? We thought we would die out there on Sutton Place. I might take one of the Bike Bunnies outside inside my ear buds ... we'll see.

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