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Friday, 23 August 2019



I must check out her work. I bought the Helen Dunmore collection on the strength of reading one of her poems on the underground.


Gaaad, I hear you on the midlife insomnia front. Make it stop. Will it stop? Any tips, please let me know.


Delighted by the bed styling gig! Her mother's daughter?

There must have been something in the air that evening because I was awake half the night ruminating over everything and concluding much the same things - though I woke in the wee hours to worry, rather than worrying from the outset

I was ready to go into the office in the morning and tell the boss how badly I thought I was doing at this gig and ask him to redeploy me - but the enforced 8km walk due to the train "issues" improved the mood and I decided I'm really not doing *that* badly.

I hope your sleep improves!

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