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Monday, 18 February 2019



Having been brought up in a strict Catholic home and in a country like NI where abortion is still criminal I do understand why people are opposed to it. I have come to the conclusion that it is OK to not agree with abortion and certainly you shouldn't have one if that is your stance as a woman. If you are a man opposed to abortion it is probably best not to have sex at all with women. Anti abortionists should also not go into medicine or counselling or indeed any profession that involves dealing with vulnerable people or young people They should also not impose their views on others. Now if everyone followed my advice we wouldn't have to even talk about it.


It's so stressful in the United States. I was also raised strictly Catholic as far as it went and I basically feel like omg, not everyone is Catholic, what is this, The Crusades again?

I talked just like this in secondary school & was confronted in the days to come by a zealot classmate with her baby-blender-bits poster (Is this what you love?!) but LOL she was the one who was called to the convent office & disciplined for her dreadful behavior so that was the lesson put out there for all of us. I feel lucky because I feel like it was the right teaching and not every Catholic coven is interpreting our obligations as such.

But it is v frustrating that American women cling to this false political narrative & the hysteria about "choice" and "Roe v Wade," because abortion is for many, many years de facto illegal in most of this country, you might as well be in Northern Ireland or part of the Honduras migrant caravan. If you aren't rich and/or don't live in a major urban center there is no provider for you, not even for a whatsit, the pill abortion, & that's a fact. They aren't even teaching termination in medical school, and because of the risks, no one is asking to learn.


Elle, I heard Jodi Piccoult on a podcast and she was making the point that while Roe vs Wade is in place, at the state level, there are so many barriers for abortion clinics that it might as well be illegal. Meanwhile just about anyone can set up a botox clinic or a pain management factory.


Exactly, plus, no one wants to be a clinician who terminates pregnancies bc some wacko will shoot you while you're in yr kitchen making coffee. So when some woman is crying somewhere about the Supreme Court and "choice," it's ridiculous bc ok, where was she in the 90s when this horse was for sure out of the barn but at least still in the ... yard or wherever horses go, this metaphor is beyond me so I'll stop but you get it, I'm sure.

Oh, it makes me so angry. Oh, wow.

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