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Thursday, 10 January 2019



stewed rhubarb and yogurt is my favorite dish!

I watched Roma while we were in Miami and am waiting to watch it again. I've been busy with homeschool administration and it's too emotional rollercoaster but soon!


Elle, I am suddenly seeing so many people writing about Roma has touched them, I feel like talking about it is like saying "have you ever tried yoga, it's this really great thing..." But I am so taken by it and keep thinking about the water sloshing over the tiles and the planes far distant in the sky....


I haven't seen any writing abt the movie except the completely ignorant New Yorker interview, a million angry responses about the completely ignorant NYer review (ok 7 or 10) and then after a few mexican interviews with Cuaron, the landscape changed to the outrage over Netflix's service in Spain subtitling the movie in peninsular Spanish. Where is it, all this writing?

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