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Thursday, 22 March 2018



Ah - this explains why I couldn't comment on that hot cross bun abomination! I was intending to rail against all non-standard hot cross buns: chocolate hot cross buns, fruitless hot cross buns and apple cinnamon hot cross buns - but surely those St Patrick's hot cross buns are the worst.

Glad you're fixed and envious of your cooking (I've completely lost all cooking mojo).


hello! I listened to a great podcast the other day with Elly Pear talking about 5:2 as a kind of mindfulness about food and thought of you!


I'd definitely agree that it is! I feel so much physically and mentally better being back on it - well, sort of being back on it.

(I'd never heard of Elly Pear, so now have gone right down that rabbit hole!)

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