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Thursday, 16 February 2012



He is so lovely - and sorry I should have told you what a challenge it was that first month. My advice is lots of toys to chew on and a good repellent spray on the furniture you really want to protect and he seems to be drawn to. For us it was a banana leaf sofa on our deck - I sprayed it persistently for about 6 months and it got off very lightly. Not so a couple of chairs and the deck railings. Miilo now loves his dried pork bits -ears and various parts weekly, and I don't think he has chewed on any of our property for over 18 months. Anything low lying was fair game for a while too, shoes, socks, Gabriella's undies left in a pile of washing all ended up in the back yard at various times! Good thing you are mostly home - we did a fair bit of controlled crying too in the early days, seems cruel but it did work.

Prudence Says

Practise your dog voice - it's quite the best skill I ever managed. I'm finding it works remarkably effectively on Gen Ys and iGens too!

Flora Fauna Dinner

That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen - those eyes! But still, this reminds me why I am going to get a third cat instead!


Amanda, send me your recommended spray post haste!

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