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Monday, 19 September 2011


Flora Fauna Dinner

Okay so what chicken will we get? I was outbid on my half-hearted attempt at Silkie eggs on ebay, I turned down some £20 each red partridge Pekins and I was beaten to three Rhode Island Red hybrid ex-batteries. Is the universe trying to tell me something or should I try harder. The silkie breeders phone line has been giving an engaged tone for THREE DAYS. Maybe I should just get another dog?


I am going for some Wyandottes as I like their spherical shape but apparently the eggs are $35 each and then I have no certainty on sex! There is no thrift in this enterprise.

Flora Fauna Dinner

$35 for eggs?? Good lord. I love a laced Wyandotte though. But then I'm very fond of an Australorp too - are they as dear? I have Silkie eggs in the post! They are doomed to infertility I'm sure, since it is time for egg hatching where you are, not where I am.

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