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Wednesday, 15 November 2006



I've been meaning to read that book "The Long Tail" for a while which covers similar ground, i.e. micro-, niche- and specialised businesses having a greater chance of survival due to lower costs of marketing, delivery and payment, mainly thanks to the internet. But as it is still only available in hardback it's defeating its own argument at the moment. The cost is more than I'm willing to invest.


David, I completely agree with you but I am momentarily distracted by my joy at noticing that your correct use of the apostrophe. I am delirious with happiness that I have erudite readers.


Which of David's apostrophes is making you so happy?


I'm puzzled too but I assume you've spent some time correcting homework recently?


"it's defeating its own argument"


David strives to give satisfaction.


That is a most pleasing bit of correct punctuation.

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