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Friday, 09 June 2006



One door closes etc....
Moving is a major pain but it does make you take stock and simplify. A big pre-move clean out can be very cathartic. Good luck.


Bad news! Maybe you could buy it yourself.


Wow. I can't believe your landlord is doing that to you. Injustice, indeed. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you find something perfect and lovely *very* (oh, and less expensive, too!) quickly.


I read your archives a while ago, when I fist fouind your blog. I always read the archives of blogs I like. Also, I am creepy.


Damn. You are lucky to have options though its a drag to have your hand forced. I've been dealing with similar issues on this side of the pond. bon chance!


I often check out your blog (I work for an internet company and am online-more often than not doing things besides work- all day), so you may be seeing me quite a bit on your tracker.


Good luck with the move. Looking forward to your next post.


I say commiserations.

My inner child says snot fair.

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