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Wednesday, 26 October 2005



Note when I say "thong" I am referring to flip flops and not miniscule knickers


I was a bit shocked by the fact that you were wearing more than one. My brother-in-law recently was explaining to me how someone he knew wouldn't hesitate to ask the most personal questions. "He'd even ask you" says B in his Kerry accent "if you were wearing knickers or a t'ong!"

rara avis

this reminds me of how i thought that singer sisqo(?) had a lisp when he was singing about the 'song, song song song'...

and what was so spethial about the song i thought...


That was another pretty racy post until you mentioned that spreadsheet.


I am laying odds you'll find many great teas and maybe even a teapoit while in India.

Please send me a postcard if you can find the time.


I'd be happy to make you a tea cozy!

I'm very excited to read about your trip to India. Lucky bug.

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