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Wednesday, 12 October 2005



Lucky you! I am currntly feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment, so a trip to India, even one for work, would be nice!


Amazing. Milton Keynes is a benchmark in Australia too? However, I expect it will be a tad more exciting. Am currently stewing my heart in a cumin/coriander/fenugreek sauce in envy.


Complete empathy regarding the feline warfare. We are experiencing a siamese/tabby stand off at the moment. The tabby has to sleep in a carrier everynight so I know the siamese won't eliminate her. She wakes me around 6am.

Would love to eat true Indian food one day. The closest I've ever come to that was likely in London.

Have you seen any good art of late? It sounds like you are too busy...especially if you ARE MOVING again... (are you?) Your current home sounds idyllic.


Deltadiva - I'm not moving, I'm helping my friend move. I've seen no art, no movies, no music lately so i am a dull girl. But I will see India, yah...


I met some very nice people from Milton Keynes today. When are you ever going to update this blog?

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