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Thursday, 01 September 2005



I could definitely cozy up to a "no powerpoint" rule in my life. Having one would, in effect, silence a great many annoying people whom I have a feeling cannot express themselves without it.

Leanne O'Brien

Liked Your bog. How do you Do it? I am A mum lover ex wife stuggling with career need help? Ha


I'm always amused at how little sense a powerpoint presentation makes when it's printed out and looked at later. You might as well show pictures of cute cuddly animals during a talk. Distracting attention away from a boring speaker seems to be its major purpose.
I do like the idea of a pen license. My eldest son would be a long way from getting one for handwriting was the worst mark in his last school report. It's also fascinating to see the differences in the way that handwriting is taught in different countries: German requires far too many twirls ...


What about Richard III? If memory serves me you were close enough to get a shot of Richard Harris' sweat! Was that the summer it was so hot the roadways melted?

I must admit that if I weren't married to a playwrite I would see much less theatre. Still, I think it is an important artform in a time when we spend so much of our life looking at flat screens. My advice to most producers would be to do more with less. The most brilliant work generally uses the most economy.

We tag team it, I guess. I drag my man to a lot of art exhibitions he has little patience for and I wind up warming more theatre seats than I would otherwise. It is not such a good deal for me since it's much easier to walk away from a boring painting, sculpture, etc than it is to walk out of a play in a small theatre.

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