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Monday, 01 August 2005



There's a relationship counsellor in me just screaming to get out, but unsolicited advice in your comment box is so improper.
Instead, happy birthday, and that's all before I start writing silly things about opening yourself up to receive love, etc, etc...


Dear M, send me an email with your advice since I am sore in need of coaching right now...


Happy birthday! Glad you had a wonderful day. Hmmm men, sometimes they are so thick...


Happy Birthday Anyresemblance!


Belated birthday wishes Ms A.


happy birthday!


Happy birthday, it's your day so you can do whatever you want :)

rara avis

happy belated birthday!

David Tiley

You have to tell everyone. My birthday is on July 30th, which means in this town it is completely swamped by the film festival. One part of me says I get to see a gazillion movies in two weeks and that is the best birthday present of all, but another bit gets all grumpy and misses the ceremony.

It does remind me - however we do it, we should revel in our birthdays. As the saying goes, we are a long time dead. An interesting touch for my partner about her daughter's birthday which as a non-generative male I don't notice but I am sure you do - her birthday gets her mum thinking about the past and dead relationships with the father etc etc etc. It's all poignant.

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