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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


rara avis

pleased to read that overall, things sound pretty good ;)


Dear A, that was a wonderful update - it's great to hear that life is treating you well ... you deserve it. And sometimes it is good not to write for a while if it means you are distracted with life, right? (does that pass as a good enough excuse as to why I haven't emailed properly for months??!) Given this laziness I may as well use this opportunity to give you the quick update now ... in my privileged part of the world it is just starting to be time to wear skirts and be flirtatious as spring has sprung and summer is on the way - today you can feel it in the air and see it in the smiles of everyone wriggling their toes in their open toed shoes worn for the first time this year (it's our first sunny day after a weekend of soggyness and several weeks of false starts on this spring weather thing). So I'm oscillating between pretending to be a serious person who is busy juggling demanding (but enjoyable) work and study commitments, and (more preferably) cruising around like a carefree student enjoying staring out classroom windows at the boats on the lake and forgetting all about the assignments and deadlines fast approaching. Life continues to be good, although I am wildly jealous (while being, of course, extremely happy for you) about your reports of male friend displaying solid boyfriendlylike behaviour and the progress it sounds like you are making with all of that! That's very exciting! As is the news of our new Miss Peace Prize and Miss Organisation - big hugs to both from me, tell them I'm really proud of both their achievements. One of my few memories from primary school was my first trip home on the bus on my own - I was petrified, but amazing how quickly it all became so mundane ... xxxc
(sorry to be such a comments space hog)


Oh dear, I will have to write it now! I have been trying to catch up with everyone else's writing. My problem lately is I have plenty enough to write but have been unable to make the time. I will try tonight plus answer the interview questions I requested from Rara.

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