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Saturday, 02 April 2005



Hello Anyresemblance,

I felt I had to email you to let you know I really like your writing - I am a friend of Lushlife and when I read hers I occassionally follow the link to yours. I don't know if I am simply projecting myself onto your blog but when you write it feels so familiar. I guess it may be because I am a single mother, who lives and works in the city, has a daughter who is 11 and has a parent who is English - but I guess your title and tagline are apt - whatever the case your blog is highly enjoyable to me - you still remember to get pleasure from simple things even when I feel there is an aura of sadness about you - I guess it's because you are not with your friends and family.


Suzanne - thanks for the very kind words and for taking the time to comment - it's much appreciated.

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