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Wednesday, 30 March 2005



The link is missing. So what were you reading? It sounds very charming. I taught my eldest son the rudimentaries of cricket and he laughed himself silly the first time he heard he'd scored a 'half a century'.


I can never get my links to work. I know what you mean about the excitement of the end of the financial quarter or year which it is here. You realise that it make us officially sad people?

David have you explained silly mid on to your son yet?



I'm so pleased to hear Nu-Claire is going to make your lives so much better ... how could she not, with a name like that!!

lots of love to you three, and special congrats to the student of the week, from swiss-claire (who much prefers the name swiss-claire to old-claire, even if the latter feels more appropriate today, and who promises she will write properly soon).


David - I've fixed the link (I'd written the post in
Word and then forgot to add the link), the book is Nips XI by Ruth Starke about a vietnamese kid who wants to fit into Australian cultural norms.

AB - don't know why you can't get your links to work but this from the woman who doesn't own a dvd player does not surprise me...


Thanks. I shall be looking for Nips XI. I shall also try to find out what a silly mid on is as well. I never really knew but suspected it was the name of someone stupid enough to stand too close to the batsman so that it hurt when he got hit.


I think silly mid on is a bowling position and the opposite of silly mid off but I'm Irish so how should I know. I Have given up on the links thing.

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