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Friday, 25 March 2005



I saw a shepherd on Sunday. He was walking down the street in Randalstown holding his mum's hand and wearing a tea towel on his head. This must be some new thing - kind of the easter equivalent of the nativity play.


wow, the holy week liturgy gets funky in black! ab I remember that for us the easter stuff was much more important in terms of dressing up than christmas (perhaps cause you're actually at school in Australia at Easter & not at Christmas). At my (obviously catholic) primary school we used to re-enact the whole stations of the cross thing, complete with the crowds dressed in the obligatory tea towels on the head (even girls, which in hindsight is a bit strange). And although it wasn't as cool as the year we had a real donkey for the nativity one, the holy week stuff at school was always a big deal, especially for the biggest kid who always got to play jesus carrying the cross.

But does a request for clothing like that for the Holy Week Liturgy mean we are talking liturgical dance by any chance? If so, I can see Miss I getting into that in a big way!


That's pretty cool. :)

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