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Sunday, 19 December 2004



My liver deserves it! Just sittin' there, making enzymes and what have you - need to put it to work! ;)

Thanks for the read n' link. :)


Have you read any Jonathan Coe? "What a carve up" is excellent; quirky, funny, it's on my re-read pile. Johnathan Carroll is another favourite (he's written heaps). Hard to categorise; great stories but with a horror-twist?
A fantastic book but it non-fiction: "The heart-shaped bullet" by Kathryn Flett. An English journalist's story of her marriage break-up. A lot better than that synopsis!


Thanks for the new blog referrals and I checked out Azura first and got a bit of shock there is something very familiar in her looks - like me maybe. And then I read into it further she is Malaysian. Now I have to read her. Maybe it is true there is a doppelganger for each of us out there after all and mine is not Kate Cebrano or Caterine Zeta Jones like some people have said! ( P.S - I am only talking about the facial features I would kill to have CZJ's figure)


I was only ringing to check that you had received your presents. I of course expect nothing but best wishes for Christmas.

Frankie and Stankie by Barbara Trapido is highly enjoyable and I think your kind of book. Easy to read without being "typing".

I will try thinking of a few more within the next day or so.


awww, i am so chuffed. and coming from a blog that struck me so much that i had to email the link to my sis immediately too! :)

lushlife...i hear twilight zone music in the background.


Loretta - I've read the Jonathon Coe, I'll look for the other.
Anne - the cheque is in the post and I read the Barbara Trapido (your last recommendation). Is Jane Gardam any good these days?
Lushlife and Azura - thanks for the photos. I think I'll be in KL late Jan for work so we can keep the Malaysian theme working


Not the newest but as you've mentioned your dad a few times there might be some residual family issues for better or worse, so I'd recommend Jonathan Frantzen's The Corrections: there were plenty of echoes of my family life in there.
And as I've plugged on my blog often enough, anything by Charles Willeford, especially the Hoke Mosely novels such as Miami Blues. Odd, but quite uniquely odd.


Agree with David on The Corrections. I'm hoping to pick up the latest Ian Rankin at the airport in one of the special airport softback editions as too mean to buy it in hardback. I'm also going to read Shirley Hazzard The Great Fire which has been recommended to me and was on a few books of the year lists and A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali by Gil Courtemanche. Actually both these books about war so not sure if suitable for enjoyable light Crimbo reading.

The Bookseller of Kabul is interesting and not too badly written either. Personality by Andrew O'Hagan is good especially if you remember British 1970s and 80s light entertainment.
Happy reading.

rara avis

hey thanks for the link! enjoy immensely reading you.

landed in KL after lovely week of being in the bush and on the zambezi - hope to update soon.

ab: you worked in riv too i saw in azura's blog. so did i. could we perhaps know each other? twillight zone plus plus.

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