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Friday, 17 December 2004



so pleased to hear that the young Ms may be having the benefit of a genteel catholic education. Wity any luck she'll turn out just like me.


just so that you know - i am fan of this site and read religiously.


azura - i love your site too and your sister's. I keep meaning to update my links so forgive my tardiness.

ab - you're a perfect role model for a catholic girls education...

mrs hardly

Sending you many fabulous-job-in-Sydney vibes :)

As for schooling in my fair city, I'd vote for the genteel every time (says she whose children are all at public school!). I've not encountered a public school that comes anywhere close to having the resources of those in the private sector. Here its all about where you went to school (from observation, you're only exempt from judgement if you did not go to school here) - those old girls/boys networks stretch very far and wide.


Ahh, the vexed public vs. private school decision. My kids are 2 and 4 and it's already starting...

I also check your blog religiously every day. Sorry that my request for the bread recipe contributed to your temporary baking failures (and I've yet to make it, trying to find non-orange Vit C tablets!)


Loretta - I use orange with no noticeable taste effects. I worked out it was the batch of flour I was using that was such a disaster.



That was me reading your blog. Such a quiet day on Friday and read your archives from start to finish. Very entertaining.

I feel like such a stalker.


please could you tell me the name of the "groovy, strong in arts" school?

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