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Monday, 15 November 2004



I was under the impression that Magimix (http://www.workin4u.com/coastalkitchen/magimix.htm) was Queen of the Food Processors - the only thing I think that it may not be able to do is the blender like facility although on the website I have referred you to it does say it blends.


What admirable behaviour on your daughters' parts. Mine, 5, expects to be bought something everytime we go near a shop (must be heriditary). Yesterday I ended up with her in a museum shop and insisted that if she had anything, she had to buy it herself. I also reminded her that she much prefers ice-cream to the plastic tat that was lying about there. She didn't enjoy it but she did convince herself it would be better to save the money for an ice-cream on another day. My moral superiority was of course undermined by having treated myself to some new clothes the day before.


I got a Braun 650 when my last one died, partly because I was in love with my Braun stabber blendery thing.

It's fine, but not special. It can do all the requirements (and has a baby blender to put inside so you can make pesto and not clean up the big bowl). It does have vertical lines around the inside of the bowl which I don't like. Smooth bowl is what I want! I really wanted something with a glass bowl, but couldn't find one within budget. Magimix looks very sexy.


I have a Cuisinart that I've had maybe ten years - they don't even make the model anymore. Still, I love it. Mom my gave it to me, along with a bevy of attachments - a whisk thing, lots of disks, and three different blades. I've done everything on your list except the fish thing with no problems. And, all the various pieces clean up beautifully in the dishwasher.

If it ever dies on me, I'd replace it with another Cuisinart with no qualms.

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