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Monday, 18 October 2004







Damn I wish I could edit my comments sometimes after I have posted them:

A B S O L U T E L Y.

I do know how to spell reely;)


Yes. Yes, it is. Yup.


Oh well maybe just a tad.



Oh yes.


Six out of six commenters agree, he's a c*nut.

And I bet you're the one who gets to tell the kids, right?
(the spreadsheet alone is a bit much if you ask me)


NO ... just kidding.
There must have been reasons why you split and it sounds like you've just received another one.
Computer studies are very important these days so perhaps you'd like to start helping the kids to quantify fatherly love with the aid of a spreadsheet.


oooh, spot on, david.

hell hath no fury like a woman with no weekends off in sight due to an ex's calendar 'malfunction'....

your poor daughter, too. doesn't he know that letting kids down is no good for their tender little pysches?!


Maybe I'm sailing into the breeze, but I think its kinda cool to be so organised (and obviously such a jetsetter) you have a spreadsheet planner.

But spreadsheets can be changed. maybe he was just operating in a parallel universe and didn't notice the clashes you mentioned?


Sorry Steev but how can you be soooo organised that you would forget to schedule your children and one of their birthdays in?

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