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Tuesday, 24 August 2004



From the Intercultural Question Department:

Is a "basketball stand" the device that holds up a basketball hoop, through which one tosses a basketball to earn points? Here, "stands" are the seating for a game, although you usually only hear this at outdoor events where the seating is that temporary, metal, moveable kind.


Correct. In my case, it's a weighted base, post, hoop and backboard. What would you call it? None of which prevented yet another pasting in their game today. Maybe the Opals can produce something better :-)


Hmmm...I think we would just call it "the basketball hoop" (even though the repairs in this case aren't to the hoop proper, but rather the pole - I don't think we have a special name for the pole).

It occurred to me after I posted the question that I should have titled it "From the Divided By A Common Language Department" - that would have been more accurate. And, yes, the (ahem) "Dream Team" was more nightmarish than anything else. Can't say I'm too sorry - the whole lot can use a drubbing every now and again as far as I'm concerned.

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