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Tuesday, 31 August 2004



Good link. I'm finding that many U.S. citizens are ever-so-slightly more interested in elections outside our borders since it's become apparent that (gasp!) not every government is going to blindly follow Washington's lead on any given issue. That this enrages some there is no question (if you're getting any coverage of the political convention going on currently in NYC you'll get some taste of that) but others seem to be coming to the realization that we, too, may be impacted by political goings on elsewhere. Brazil's election about a year and a half ago, for example, completely blindsided a lot of folks who had never before thought of that country as anything worth worrying or thinking about. All of a sudden, there are huge political, social and economic consequences of Lula's election and we're being forced to pay attention. Shame we have to get to that part about "being forced" but there you are. Add in the continued thread of pre-election violence and terror (as seen in some countries recently) and you've also got the car-wreck effect - people paying attention because it might suddenly get really, really captivating (or maybe this should be called the "reality TV effect" instead).

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