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Saturday, 19 June 2004



that picture is intriguing....but when i click on it the actual picture is too big for the screen and i can only see part of the top left hand corner (perhaps the image needs re-sizing?) - is it you? or one of yr daughters?

switzerland is not often snowy at christmas, unfortunately. apparently 20 or 30 years ago ths was very different and you could count on there being metres of snow in december. now, chrissy tends to be wet and slushy unless by some miracle fortuitous weather conditions occur. jan - feb is more reliable for snow.


what am i saying? i'm talking about where we live, near the lake of z├╝rich. the lake keeps things warmer than in the mountains, that's why there isn't much snow around at christmas. of course there will be plenty of snow in the mountains! and if you should come to CH, let me know!


umm, i'm no whizz on this sort of thing but the problem doesn't seem to be the size of the thumbnail (typepad gives you the option of resizing the thumbnail rather than the pop-up window image, i think).
i think you need to re-size the actual image before you upload it. do you have photoshop? i usually re-size mine there to a width of about 350 pixels.
i'm not sure if this is helpful but please persist, because i do so like seeing yr pics - even if they are of gruesome spiders!

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