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Saturday, 08 May 2004



unbelievable, isn't it. i can't believe those soldiers would do something so incredibly stupid; they could lose the war for America just with those pictures alone. to think they would actually take trophy pictures, let alone commit such abuses. in this day and age - did they really think the photos wouldn't eventually be made public? and just those ordinary cheerful grins of the soldiers, as though they were at a picnic, in front of those mounds of naked people. i just can't get over it. it just proves that war dehumanises and desensitises people.


It is impossible to describe the depths of revulsion being expressed by many (most?) here in the U.S. Even those among us who, for some reason, supported the war are angered and shamed. At this point, odds are 50-50 that Rumsfeld will be sacrificed for this horrible debacle and more than one military lifer's career will be ended.

And yet...it seems as though those responsible may not actually be tried for any crime. The news here is full of interviews with those who know them (neighbors, ex-girlfriends, etc.) who swear up and down that they are each - to a one - gentle people who would never hurt anyone. I don't believe for a moment that the blame stops with those in the photos, but I am still most angry at them - they who made the world infinitely more dangerous with their actions. What will be fate of the next soldier - from any nation - who is captured? I shudder to think. And those that would harm civilians have less incentive than ever to distinguish between the uniformed and non. As I've been saying, we're going to pay this bill for a long, long time.


What I find shocking about this is the pornographic nature of the images and how pornography has become commonplace and so easily available. I suppose also the role that women are playing in it. It seems to confirm what feminists were saying 20 odd years ago about pornography debasing everyone who comes into contact with it while totally contradicting the view that if women ran things there wouldn't be anything like the amount of violence around.
Depressing stuff.

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