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Wednesday, 12 May 2004



sorry you had such a crapola mothers day. imagine the indignation if you forgot one of their birthdays!

max has been ill since friday so my mothers day wasn't much fun, either: getting vomited on, cleaning up vomit or wiping bottoms, oh the joy!

you've put the idea of baked beans in my head, even though it is 25° outside and gorgeously sunny. luckily i have a tin in the cupboard. that and a cup of tea will do me well!

i have to say, that from yr descriptions, you sound just so, so stylish. *sigh* one day i will get out of mummy clothes and into something other than cords and t-shirts....


What do you mean "aspire"?


Kitschenette - You're too kind. I dressed appallingly when my children were babies. I cringe when I see the stuff I wore so cords and t-shirts sound just fine to me. I dress now in an anti-corporate way. I have good clothes but not too many smart suits. Hope Max is better and Lola escaped illness.

Anne - pot calling kettle? (just substitute Irish)

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