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Tuesday, 13 April 2004



what color was the marble cake? just curious. very impressed that you iron your sheets and pillowcases...how lovely and civilised! i'm lucky to just get them on and off, full stop.


Gianna - it was yellow, barbie pink and chocolate - it looked like neapolitan ice cream. I love cotton sheets and find ironing a soothing pleasure now there are no longer mounds of men's shirts in the ironing basket. I iron while watching tv.


I iron listening to the radio. I have too big a mound at the moment so need to do some ironing tonight.

Hope the cake tasted nice - I think it sounds like you and Miss I would enjoy tray bakes. Check out Zoe if you need a recipe from her NI ladies cook book.



i have never managed to make arancini balls successfully. please let me know yr secret!

i too am impressed by yr civilised use of ironing as a relaxation technique. i have resisted the need to iron since i moved out of home but now that i have my own family i have detected a faint yearning for the smell of a warm, freshly ironed pillowslip...i want lola and max to grow up with the same lovely domestic smells that i remember from my childhood, so perhaps it is time to go forth and iron....


i think i must have had a deprived childhood...we never had ironed anything! then again my mother had four toddlers and worked, so she mustn't have had time. and my father...as if he would lift a finger to iron something!


Gianna - I'm the youngest of 5 and my mother ironed and made us iron too. Mind you, she did go through a shocking phase in the late 60s when she bought nylon sheets.

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