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Tuesday, 27 January 2004



good luck in finding a job that you will love and enjoy. i'm on the quest too, as you know, and maybe this new year will bring new opportunities :)


isn't it scary to be old enough to remember punch cards? One of my first jobs when I was a student was in King's Cross Station in London working for British Rail who were for the first time computerising their timetables. I worked in the Operational Research department and spent the days transcribing train timetables on to little strips of paper which then got sent off to the "girls" who made the punch cards. There were three of us working on the project and unbeknownst to me the other two were having a torrid affair right under my nose. We all messed up on the coding of the Croydon stations mixing up Croydon East with Croydon West or sometimes Croydon Centre and as a result all got jobs again during the Christmas holidays to sort it all out. By then I think the affair had fizzled out...

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