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Saturday, 10 January 2004



Yours is one of the most interesting blogs I've ever stumbled onto.

Your life is plainly more interesting and varied than most. What inspired me to comment was your comparison of Buffy to Charmed. You said the latter was like the former without the BDSM. I've no idea what BDSM means. Perhaps it's something to do with all the TV warnings that would make it unsuitable for your children. But no matter--don't waste your time responding. My own opinion is that Charmed at its best is a pale simulacrum of Buffy (BtVS, as the aficionados call it). Actually, I thought BUffy at its worst was better than Charmed at its best. One adult reviewer in the US characterized the series as "strangely addictive." That rang a bell with me, since I thought there was nothing stranger than that I should be addicted to it. I tend to shun TV series, especially those with even a hint of soap opera. --Smokey


Hi Smokey, when I wrote this my daughters were too young for the clever pop culture references of Buffy. Older daughter is now beginning to get Buffy and we are readying ourselves for a marathon session.

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